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Mary Ann Collins is a dedicated artist based in Manhattan Beach, CA. She has lived and created art in the inspirational surrounding of Southern California for more than fifty years. Manhattan Beach is home and will always be home for her.

Multi-media Sculpture, along with fiber art, review my paper ceramics, jewelry and metalsmithing comprise her three dimensional repertoire. She is also a talented two dimensional artist, primarily drawing, painting and photography. Her work has evolved from objects as small as pierced earrings, to life sized human clay sculptures and gigantic ruby red chocolate lips.

Material and form have always been a huge part of her inspiration when creating sculpture. Looking for the deeper meaning is usually in order with each of her pieces. Typically innuendo and personalized reflection are found in each piece. Such is true in Great Expectations, Bronze Maiden, Under Construction and Life’s a Puzzle.

Inukshuk, for example, is a facsimile of a 30 foot flower laden topiary she visited during her travels on the east coast. It was an enlarged replica of what Artic travelers used as indicators pointing to the path taken by caribou herds or to mark food caches or even as communication drops. Inukshuk, meaning “likeness of a person,” is one who gazes over the undetectable trails through the Artic tundra particularly in the midst of a snow storm.

Additional information about any of her pieces displayed on this site is available by contacting Mary Ann. She will provide you with a list of the materials used, the size of the piece, and answer other questions.

Mary Ann welcomes commissioned orders. There is always a cache of works in progress to discuss. Mary Ann Collins

Mary Ann Collins
Manhattan Beach, CA
phone: (310) 251-2800
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